Mini front shock warranty challenge

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Mini front shock warranty challenge

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I just got the word from Mini of Morristown that the mysterious metallic clunk in left front suspension of '08 MCS is a busted left front shock. That one they agreed to replace under warranty. It's a bit weird to loose a shock at 35K miles (nope, no accidents/incidents or pot holes come to mind), but shit happens. Alas, they will absolutely NOT replace the matching right front unless I pay out of pocket. I'm underwhelmed about the prospect of driving on 2 un-matched shocks: 1 new + 1 near end of life and from a batch that saw its sibling bite the dust.

The only time I had a similar experience was on my E36 M3 that ate one rear OEM shock under warranty. The BMW dealer in TX had replaced both shocks on their own initiative. Mini of Morristown guys are not budging.

Other then obvious suggestion to ditch OEM and upgrade to Koni's or Bilstein's, any advice on how to get Mini/BMW to replace the matching right front shock under warranty?

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Mini Shocks

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I just replaced my shocks at 69k miles,and they still had plenty of miles left, but they had lost a bit of an edge after the mileage and dozens of autox's. IMO you should have no problem. I doubt that you will notice any difference.
Btw I have an extra set of stock mini 16x6.5 wheels with worn Azeni's available.

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