Mar. 16, 2020 update regarding coronavirus preparations ā€“ 60-day event cancellations

Members of the NJ BMW CCA community:


In the past 48 hours we have seen a remarkable change in public restrictions regarding coronavirus and methods being deployed to contain its spread.


Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended and the governors of NJ, NY and CT collectively agreed to ban all gatherings of more than 50 people, urge all non-essential meetings be cancelled and close schools, bars, restaurants and other places of public gathering. Governor Murphy went on to ask that all non-essential travel be curtailed between 8pm and 5am.


Given these restrictions, and the consequences on many of the venues at which the club holds events, ALL NEW JERSEY CHAPTER EVENTS WILL BE CANCELLED FOR THE NEXT 60 DAYS.


We will continue to monitor announcements from public health officials and may limit or extend the period of cancellations, as required. Events beyond the 60-day period will remain on the calendar and be updated as required. Once we resume events, we will use the precautionary procedures described in my letter of Mar. 14, 2020,


We will update information and/or procedures as the situation changes. Thank you for being a member of the NJ BMW CCA community.


With best wishes for your continued good health,


Neil Gambony