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My car is totally stock, other than some minor suspension upgrades. Are harnesses required?

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gfield wrote:I am very interested. My only concern is the entry requirements for personal gear and my automobile. What are the entry requirements? Do we need a HANS Device? Do we need a rollcage? Do we need a firesuit? Do we need fire suppression for our automobile?

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kishg wrote:your car need not be race prepped. cars suitable for DE may participate in the school. however it is at the discretion of the instructors as to which cars will participate in the practice race at the end. keep in mind your not driving at 10/10ths in the school. and yes, other marques are welcome just as at a BMW CCA DE. You just won't be able to race your SM in BMW CR :)

At the Mid Ohio club race school, we had some totally street stock cars, including a new C6 Z06. He did not have a roll cage or harness.

FYI, if you have a harness, you need to also have racing seats and some sort of roll over protection. Think of it as a safety system. All peices of the system must be in place for it to work properly. If any pieces are missing, it could actually be more dangerous than having none.

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