Summit Point Race this weekend

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Summit Point Race this weekend

Post by gfield »

I have some family members that are interested in watching the races this weekend at Summit Point. I have really only attended driving events and know almost nothing about the race that will be taking place this weekend at Summit. These questions were brought up to me. What times are the races? How long are the races? How many races are there? What classes or types of cars are in the races? If you come to see just the race how much does it cost to get in? Where are the best places to sit?

Any help with some answers would be truly helpful.
Greg Field

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Post by Timmah »

I'm actually curious about this as well since it would seem that once I move through the levels in the Drivers Schools that this might be a next logical step.

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Post by kishg »

i heard it's going to be one sprint on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. don't know specific times.

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Post by mazing1 »

The races typically are 30 minutes +/- long for the sprints and 50-60 minutes for the enduros.
The cars are all BMW ranging from very modified to stock (although all cars have safety modifications made).
I do not know if there is a cost, that would be a track thing not a BMW club thing. Typically I do not think so.
The best places at SP are in the stands by the carousel (almost at the entrance to the track), and on the hill by the tower (just past the concession stand).
For those thinking about getting into racing last time I looked the BMW Club "national" site had a section on getting started, rules, etc. Also, coming up through the HPDE program you'll get exposure to races as they are generally run as part of the event, i.e. osmosis. You're bound to make friends some of which may be racers and you can always help out as there is always a need for an extra hand.

Hope this helps.

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Post by jwhite »

We just finalized the schedule tonight. Of course, all times are subject to change depending on weather, track issues, etc.

For Saturday, race qualifying will be immediately after lunch (12:40) for 40 minutes. The Race itself will be at 3:15 and will be about 30 min long. Only one race group because a relatively small number of racers.

On Sunday, the Feature Race will be about 10:45 am; length 30 min (or a bit more). Then there will be a Fun Race at 2pm for about 30 min.

There is no fee for spectators, just tell the gate attendant you are there to watch the BMW Club. There are bleachers in a couple of different places but the ones around the Carussel are always popular since you can see the cars come down turn 4 and all the way through turn 9.

See you all there.


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Post by RealM3E30 »

Another great spot is the stands at the bottom of the "chute" at turn "5". 8) R

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Club Racing Interest

Post by thomasrossi »

I hope you and your family had a chance to enjoy the club racing this past weekend.

Unfortunately, the field was rather thinner than usual, but that didn't stop us from having a good time out there.

The reason I am posting this is because I noticed in your prior posts that you may have an interest in club racing. This is my fourth season racing and I can probably answer a lot of the questions you might have about getting started and what to expect when you begin. Please feel free to contact me at any time: I'd be happy to help you out.

I'll also be at the Lightning track race.

All the best,
Thom Rossi

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