TSS at Holmdel this past weekend

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TSS at Holmdel this past weekend

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I would like to thank Jamie and his auto cross team, Elihu, Irv Sherman and all the instructors that help pull the event off Sat. The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast. Art Hance provided the class room instruction, Big Al was cheif chef, one kid noted on his evaluation form, the food was good, the chili was really good. The fire department had a special foam they mixed with the water which really helped the slip angle. One of the high lights of the day was watching both fire engines run the course with sirens and horns blasting. Thanks again to everyone who helped pull this off. By the way Tom, thanks for finding my camera.

David Finch

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Thank YOU, David.


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Thanks go out to all the AutoX Regulars, Instructors, and Staff. Thanks David.

Peter M

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Thank you David and thank you Jamie! The event was well organized and ran very smoothly. I think everyone involved had a great time!

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Thanks David, for bringing an instructor shirt that fit me! The last one I got made me feel like a hip-hop wannabee.

Thanks Jaime, for all the instructor updates throughout the day, they really helped. And also, for assigning me twin students-No Waiting on line. It was all fun. If you get triplets next time, I want first dibs.
Ray Lynch

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