E39 seat restoration

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E39 seat restoration

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My 2001 M5 seats are showing their age. Any input as to how to Dye the scratches out of the seats?
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Re: E39 seat restoration

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Just recolored the seats in our 2000 328i and I think they came out great. In my case I only needed to do the drivers seat and the arm rest. As it turns out I did not do the sides of the seat as they did not need it (and I'm not sure if it's actually leather or vinyl). As long as there are no tears in the leather, it's an easy fix.

I purchased the recoloring kit ($50) from http://www.leathermagic.com. I was able to get the correct color match using their supplied color charts. If you contact them and describe the car they will usually know which one or two colors it could be. Most of the process is cleaning and degreasing. Then you lightly sand the leather for adhesion. You initially apply the coloring (about 2 coats) using a foam brush. I put it on a little extra thick over the cracks. Then you use a sprayer attachment and go over the entire seat for a more uniform appearance (another 2 coats or so). The kit contains everything you need. It will not contain enough material to do the entire car, but can do say the 2 front seats.

I chose to take the seat out of the car rather than trying to mask off the entire interior of the vehicle. In the sun each coat dried in less than 15 minutes.

If the links work here is the before and after of the armrest which was in really bad shape.


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