Adding bluetooth to an E39 M5

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Adding bluetooth to an E39 M5

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Got the Nav and DSP premium and would love to bluetooth my iphone audio into it....any ideas or installers?

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They have everything you need.

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my M5 came with a OEM Bluetooth retrofit already done but I added a Dice Mediabridge for iPod/iPhone hook up for tunes. It has a built in Bluetooth feature as well (and a mic you wire up) and it works reasonably well for the price (I use this in my wife's e39 Touring as well and there I use the Dice Bluetooth). The one catch is it will only do bluetooth calls if you select the CD Changer mode which the Dice unity replaces by plugging into the cable in the trunk for the changer

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I did the BMW retrofit in my e38. It works with BMW voice commands and steering wheel controls. I have a dice in my Coupe which works but is not seemless. If you do a lot of calling I would go the OEM route. If you want to stream music; the Dice unit will work.


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thanks gang![/i]

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I too have a Dice(now Audiovox) Mediabridge in my e46 and I'm not entirely thrilled by it.

Plusses - phone calls are clear, and the unit does respond to the steering wheel controls, somewhat.

Minuses - There's a noticeable drop in volume between phone calls, the radio, music and podcasts. Phone calls and the Radio are a lot louder, and podcasts are lowest, so you have to be mindful when switching or it can be a very loud transition. I get occasional bluetooth cutouts in the middle of songs, like the bluetooth cuts out and reconnects later. I also had to disable the scrolling text option, because it had a slow scroll speed, there are audible clicks for every time it scrolls., and the text also re-displays itself when I'm changing the audio settings - bass, treble, etc. However, I don't think you'll have that problem since you have the map display - you have the full screen display, not the first-year screen, yes? There are different dipswitch settings to handle the different displays. Lastly, if I'm already streaming bluetooth on my iPhone 4S and plug in the charging cable, it automatically switches to line out mode, which is annoying.

Be sure to read other online reviews before deciding on the Mediabridge.
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