Shattered Timing Chain Guides on M62

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Shattered Timing Chain Guides on M62

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When and how often does this happen with the M62 engine? Is it at at a typical mileage or age range? Or does it depend on actual useage?

How hard and costly is the repair?

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Post by MrMCoupe »

Short of rebuilding the engine; this is one of the larger jobs. I did mine at approx 170k on my last seven. Parts should be under $1000 but you will need the various special tools. You may want to change the timing chain at the same time.


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Post by kbsilver »

My understanding is this the guides failing is somwhat random. That under most conditions it should not happen and they should last the life of the car. You can proactively replace the timng chain tensioner (which is on the outside of the engine). The tensioner has a spring for initial tension then uses oil pressure to apply pressure under running conditions. The theory is the spring breaks or gets weak and the timing chain slaps around until oil pressue builds each time the engine is started. The slapping around shatters the guides.

To replace the guides is an extreme job, probably easer to pull the engine to do the chain/guides and full reseal. If you suspect you are in guide hell, easiest diagnostic is to pull the oil pan and look for the bits of brown guides in the pan and oil pickup. I checked mine at 140K and was squeaky clean in the pan.

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Post by victory1auto »

I agree with Keith that it is not easy to predict exactly what conditions cause the problem. It may have something to do with whose oil you use and the change interval.

The job is not for the faint-of-heart [DIY] or for the faint-of-wallet, and it does require special fixtures to reset the camshaft timing.

While you are in there, I would suggest changing the chain and tensioner whether it needs it or not. Also change the cyclonic separator as they tend to break and cause driveability problems.


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Post by sgoatley2001e46 »

Again, thanks for the replies. As I'd previously said, my M62 questions are all in regard to pre-purchase investigating...

You're right, not for the faint of wallet, and that's my big concern. I think someone told me this week it's called the "death rattle". I'd probably need to sell the e46 to pay for it if it happened. Again, this would probably be where an after market warranty would be extremely beneficial. I think Keith's idea is proactive, and feels like it'd be a small sum worth spending to maybe prevent this issue.

Thanks again everyone!


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