Second Hand Roads – NNJR SCCA TSD Rally

The May event will be held in conjunction with the New Jersey Region of the BMW Car Club of America
and will start at Subaru 46 Route 46 Hackettstown, NJ.

While this is not a NJ chapter event, participants in the rally are eligible for Champ Series points.

Second Hand Roads – Event Flyer Link

Event Online Registration Link

The first 25 novice teams to sign-up and compete in the May 6th event will receive a free copy of the Road Rally Hand Book – The Complete Guide to Competing in Time-Speed-Distance Road Rallies, a $24.95 value.

Since we have revitalized our program in 2016, we have limited our events to Question/Answer and mileage based navigational rallies.

But in 2018 we will have a simple straight forward Time Speed Distance (TSD) rally to be conducted on May 6. This event will be scored on how well you can stay ‘on-time’. We will have at least four timed controls. You just have to follow the route instructions and maintain the average speed listed in the instructions. The speeds will all be at or below the posted speed limits. This is a rally not a race.

The event will be a ‘perfect time’ touring rally. Entrants are given route instructions containing specific, clear directions to follow, with speeds at or below the legal speed limit in all cases. Cars are assigned a specific time to start each section in the route instructions, at one minute intervals. This event is a ‘closed checkpoint’ format, where the cars do not stop at the checkpoints, but rather the checkpoints will time you as you drive by specific landmarks. This kind of rally is ‘On time, All the Time’. Penalty points are issued for passing a checkpoint early or late. Speeding is a sure way to lose the rally, as early points are just as bad as late points. The goal is to pass all checkpoints exactly at the correct time, netting zero points. The cars with the least number of points will win their class. There are no tricks or course following traps. We will even tell you where some of the checkpoints are and what time you should arrive.

Each checkpoint will be timed to the 1/100th of a minute and there will be a short break between each ‘Leg’ and at the halfway point of the rally. At the half way point, we can address some of the questions you might have from running the 1st half of the event, to help you on the second half of the event.