Driver School Promotions

2016 Driver School Promotions Announced

We have updated our promotions for 2016.

The promotions are:


Promotion Benefit
New Member Promotion $50 rebate – become a member of the NJ chapter on BMW CCA and receive a $50 rebate in”
Bring a friend who has never been to a NJ chapter school to the April – Thunderbolt event $50 rebate for you and your friend
For students who were “First-timers” during OktoberFest, attend April – Thunderbolt $50 rebate#
Attend April-Thunderbolt event $50 rebate for Shenandoah or pay for both April Thunderbolt and Shenandoah by April 2 and get $80 rebate@
Register and pay the discounted price of $1500 for 4 schools See Motorsportreg Registration page
Attend April -Thunderbolt, June -Lightning, Summit Point or Shenandoah^ as a First-time student $50 rebate for Shenandoah# or $50 off your next school in 2017


Available only to new members.

@ Must attend both events to receive discount

# Cannot be combined with the combined Thunderbolt–Shenandoah registration promotion

^ Shenandoah First-time students only entitled to 2017 discount

Rebates will be issued as a “credit” to your account after the event.


Please e-mail the Registrar to be sure you are properly credited.



Loaner Helmets: We are continuing our Loaner Helmet program for 2016. This program is designed for students who are coming to one of our schools as a “First-timer” (you’ve never been to the track before) and have concerns about the costs involved. If you don’t have a helmet to use, we may be able to help! We have helmets that we can loan to you for the event (limited number and sizes), so sign-up early by contacting Jamie Kavalieros at Take the plunge and come on out – you’ll never forget it.