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Jul 08
At Alfonso's in Somerville. 6pm dinner, 7:30pm meeting.
Jul 12
Metlife Stadium with MSNE Online pre-registration for the event at Axware (www.axwaresystems.com/axorm). There are 2 separate events for that day in our calendar - one for our drivers and one for yours. We are instructing our members to pre-register for "our" event, marked MSNE Autocross #5 and you should direct your drivers to the event marked as NJBMWCCA Autocross. The easiest way is to follow the "Register" link on our homepage schedule at www.motorsportsne.com which will direct them straight to Axware On-line registration page (should be active shortly). Some of your drivers may already have account at Axware - for those the registration will be very simple, For those, who don't have the account yet - they will need to create the log in account following the prompts - it is very easy and simple. Couple of important details - they will need to select Motorsports NE as a club (it is not a membership - just a participation link) and populate "My Garage" with the car prior to selecting the event. Once the log in created - they can choose the NJBMWCCA Autocross and register for it. Since our Class Names are similar to yours - they can simply choose A, B, C...X as usually. In order to preserve your numbers - I would suggest to instruct everyone to add "00" in front of their regular BMWCCA car number once creating My Garage. At the morning of the event - we will remove 00 in actual timing file during the on-site registration. Alternatively, drivers can go directly to Axware site, select MotorsportsNE and follow the steps above. At the event - we will dedicate the entire heat to your drivers. We normally run 30 to 40 cars in the heat taking all (8) runs at once. We will make a separate registration line in the morning for your drivers, one tech for all and one work assignments station for all, since we will use our drivers to work your heat and yours to help for our. I set the limit at 50 for you, but we can change that up or down depending on how pre-registration goes. We are trying to stay at 120 max total. We will most likely use a separate computer for your event, so that is not an issue. I am sure there will be questions from drivers - please, let them know to contact me directly at mgershanok@motorsportsne.com
Jul 25
July 25-26, Summit Point Main, Geoff Atkinson Memorial Driver School and Club Race Driver School Registration: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/summit-point-driver-school-raceway-main-bmw-cca-new-jersey-446790#.VMpHx8aDQ-8 Club Race Registration: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/summit-point-club-race-raceway-main-bmw-cca-new-jersey-203651#.VMpH8saDQ-8 Driver School registration: $450; Racer registration: $450 Geoff Atkinson Memorial Driver School and Club Race: Please come join us for the 2nd annual Geoff Atkinson Memorial Driver School and Club Race. We are planning a special celebration of our friend Geoff Atkinson - please come out and make this an event to remember. Our annual combined Driver School and Club race at Summit Point Raceway has become the NJ Chapter’s second tradition (behind our June race/school). Summit Point Raceway is in the rolling hills of the northeast corner of West Virginia near Harper’s Ferry. While West Virginia sounds like a long drive, for many NJ members it is, in fact, not any further driving time than to Lime Rock or Watkins Glen. The School and the Club Race divide track time between student run groups in the School and Race run groups. So, when you’re not on the track or in the classroom, you can take time to watch the racing.  Our Saturday night barbeque at the track features great food and the chance to relax, compare what you learned on the track and swap stories. Depending on the number of student and racer registrations, we will have two or three student run groups for this school. If we have two student groups, it is likely that one of the groups will be for Advanced students with the second group being Beginner/ Intermediate. The final determination of how to allocate students between groups will be made by mid-July based upon both registrations and payments received. To accommodate the maximum number of students possible, there may be a greater range of driving skills than usual in each group. If you send a payment and we cannot accommodate you, you will receive a full refund (i.e., a cancellation fee will not be assessed). As always, acceptance preference is based upon the date your payment is received by the registrar. Club Race: We had a full event last year and we expect an equally large turn-out this year. Be sure to register early to assure your participation. Note: we are also welcoming NASA-licensed racers for this event. NASA racers will run in the same race as BMW CCA Club Racers but will be categorized as a separate class. To participate in this event, NASA drivers must contact BMW CCA Club Racing to receive a complimentary BMW CCA Club Racing license. For 2015, registration for all NJ Chapter on-track events will be via Motorsportreg.com. If you are already a member of Motorsportreg, this will greatly simplify your registration process and you know what to do. If you are not a member of Motorsportreg, sign-up is simple. Just follow their directions. Please note also that we will allow open face helmets (Snell2005 or newer) for this event. Please be aware of our Participation and Cancellation Policies: Participants must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid driver’s license. Per requirements of BMW CCA national office, all STUDENT participants must be members of BMW CCA. Please include your BMW CCA membership number in your Profile. If you are not yet a BMW CCA member, we have a promotion to make it easy to join. NJ BMW CCA does not allow convertibles of any kind nor SAV/SUVs at our on-track events. Spec Miatas are acceptable if they have a full roll-cage, permanently attached hard-top and current SCCA log book. They must also comply with all vehicle Technical Inspection requirements. Note that all after-market tinting must be approved in advance by the Chief of Tech.  Failure to obtain pre-approval may result in your car failing Tech Inspection and loss of your registration fee. Any damage caused to the paddock or track, including safety barriers, is the responsibility of the participant. Note that the track may collect payment on-site. Cancellations will be accepted until two weeks prior to the start date of an event. Any cancellation received on or prior to the respective cancellation date will be charged a $25.00 handling fee. Any cancellation request following the cancellation date is subject to forfeiture of the entire entry fee if the Registrar is unable to fill your slot. If your slot is filled, only the $25 handling fee will apply. If you are a “no show” at the event, no refund will be given. All cancellations must be communicated in writing via e-mail or letter through the Registrar. If NJ BMW CCA must cancel an event for any reason, registrants will be provided a full refund; however, NJ BMW CCA will not be liable for any charges or costs registrants may incur other than the registration fee. Refunds will be issued following the event.  
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